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Campbell County 51 Ryle 20
10/12/2012 - by Lizzie Kibler
The Ryle Raiders came in against the Campbell County Camels tonight. Led by Tyler Durham (#18), the Camels successfully won an incredibly crucial game. Durham was effective running the ball as usual, but also highly effective in his throwing.

The first quarter began with the Ryle Raiders scoring. A four yard touchdown was run in by Tanner Pulice (#24) with the extra point being good by kicker Garrett Mead (#38). On the first drive, Camels' Grant Mahoney (#17) kicked for a scoring field goal. After Camels' Eli Mathews (#13) interception, the Camels began to drive across the field. Durham connected on a pass to Jake Zabonick (#83) who then ran in a touchdown with about thirty seconds left in the quarter. The extra point was good.

The second quarter opened with Camels' Durham running in an 8 yard touchdown—the extra point good by kicker Mahoney. Despite two penalties on the Camels, Camels' Avery Wood (#15) threw to Zabonick who ran in a touchdown with about eleven seconds left in the quarter. The extra point was good. The score for the first half was 24-7 Camels.

The second half started with a pass from Durham to Wood who ran in for the touchdown—the extra point being good. On the Raider's next drive; however, Nathan Davis (#7) passed to Pulice (#24), scoring a touchdown. That was the end of scoring for both teams in the 3rd quarter.

However, the fourth quarter began with Durham running in a seven yard touchdown, but the extra point was blocked. On the Raider's next drive, Thomas Baumann (#33) ran in a touchdown with the extra point good by the kicker Mead (#38). That was the end of the Raider's scoring as the Camels began their drive. Camels' Alex Howard (#28) ran in for the touchdown with the extra point being good. With that, the game ended with a final score of 51-20 Camels.

This game was especially huge for the Campbell County Camels because now they are 2012 District Champions. The Camels will be playing Boone County next week.
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