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Dan Walsh Benefit
11/16/2012 - by NKS Editor
There are times when we use this website,, in attempt to help others in need. There are probably many of you from the NewCath and Highlands' communities that are aware of Dan Walsh's recent health issues. Hopefully, we can reach out to all the other High School communities as well. Please read the following sent to us. is also going to accept donations through PayPal, more information on that is below as well.

Dan Walsh is a self-employed music instructor from Fort Thomas, KY. He has been married to his wife Shelly for 16 years and has been blessed with 3 beautiful children. Dan has followed his passion and has been teaching music lessons and playing music for a living for the past 18+ years. He has taught hundreds of students and has played with multiple local musicians and bands since he began following his passion while in college. The only things larger than Danís 6í7Ē stature are his faith, his love of his family and friends, and his positive interaction with the many local musicians that have had the opportunity to take lessons from him and play music with him. Dan is a friend, a mentor, and a role model first, and business always comes second to him. His generosity has touched so many people, we hope others find it in their hearts to be generous with Dan and his family at this time.

In October, Dan started experiencing health problems that have impacted his ability to work. Symptoms started with cold/flu symptoms and escalated to bronchitis, pneumonia, and then two recent scares which have resulted in extended stays in the hospital. First Dan was admitted due to an A Fib and fluid around his heart and stomach. This was controlled after almost a week in the hospital and Dan was strong enough to go back home. Unfortunately, he was shortly re-admitted to the hospital with serious symptoms brought on by 2 masses found on his brain. Dan remains in the hospital undergoing tests and procedures to monitor and control the 2 cysts found on his brain.

As one can imagine, being out of work this long as a self-employed individual can create a challenging financial situation for Dan and his loving family. Even with the most positive outcome in this current situation, he will likely have to remain out of work for some time as he heals and regains his strength. On top of living expenses, there are medical expenses growing significantly every day while Dan is being treated.

On December 1st, Danís friends and family are coming together for a fundraiser on his behalf at St. Catherine School in Ft. Thomas, KY. We would be honored if you would consider sponsoring or supporting this event. This event will host a number of local musicians who are coming together and donating their time to their friend. This event will offer many fundraising opportunities for the family such as raffles, silent auctions, donations, etc. Dan has so many friends and family that love him, we expect a very large turn-out. Any support you can provide would help Dan and his family stay on their feet during this challenging time. Corporate sponsors will be advertised and mentioned multiple times through the night. Gift baskets and merchandise for raffle/auction will also be displayed and advertised. Thank you in advance for considering a donation to this event. Your thoughtfulness and support will be greatly appreciated, and can help Danís family tremendously in their time of need.

To help, please contact:
Charlotte Boemker: 859-907-3529
Eric Vieth: 859-992-0512
Gary Bertsch: 859-468-2595

Or you can make an online donation to the Dan Walsh Benefit through PayPal below:

 Saturday, Mar 25 
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