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As Reigning State Champs, Covington Catholic Heads Back to the Court
Bryan Burke - The River City News
Last season, Covington Catholic became state basketball champions because of their execution in the clutch and their intense will to win. They proved to be a special group whose dynamic formed in just the right way in order to win the KHSAA Sweet 16.
Every new season, though, presents a different dynamic. No two teams are truly ever the same. Even dynasty teams have a new chemistry about them from year to year.

“There are new personalities that take over,” said Colonels coach Scott Ruthsatz at practice on Tuesday. “You look at the personalities and you try to fit the guys into the right spots and you hope that you're doing a good job with chemistry.”

Coach Scott Ruthsatz is not stuck in the past. There are changes afoot within the gymnasium of the reigning state champs.

“We're going to be a little bit bigger,” Ruthsatz said. “We'll be able to move Bo Schuh to the three instead of the four or five like he's typically playing. Bo can shoot and moving him out to three allows him to take some of those mismatches out but it also keeps him out of foul trouble inside and that's one thing we've kind of struggled with over time. Now he can come from the weak side and use his athletic ability to get blocks and other things like that.”

Moving Bo Schuh to small forward gives Ruthsatz a lot of flexibility in terms of how to employ the 6'6'' Schuh, but it will also challenge the senior to display a wide spectrum of versatility to his game. He can shoot for his size and also has the ability to get to the rim off the dribble from the wing, but is he quick enough to guard some of the smaller players he is sure to match up with at the three position?

“I think we've worked on that, but I think his length will always negate some of that,” said Ruthsatz. “He doesn't have to pressure the ball as much because he can use his length.”
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 Friday, Jul 19 
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