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Holmes Pulls Away from Scott to Win Lloyd Tournament
Bryan Burke - The River City News
Holmes completed their championship run at the Lloyd Memorial Invitational Tournament by beating Scott 93-77 in the final game on Tuesday night.

It was the fourth game in four days for both teams and fatigue was a major factor in the second half for Scott, but the Bulldogs still looked as fast and athletic as ever, putting up 52 second-half points and winning their fifth straight game.

The two teams fiercely battled in a competitive first half with the Eagles gaining a two-point halftime lead after Jake Ohmer scored on a layup before the buzzer. Defense was spotty for both teams as players found room in the paint off of the dribble getting to the rim early and often.

“When they went down the lane like it was I-75 at two in the morning and nobody standing around, I wasn't real happy,” Holmes head coach Mike Listerman said about his team's first half defense. “I think by and large, though, we're getting there defensively and we're getting there offensively.”

Both teams shot the ball well thanks to that kind of defense in the first two quarters and each effectively played their style of game. The complexion of the game changed quickly when Holmes center Rod Avery picked up two cheap fouls in the opening quarter. With him on the bench in foul trouble, the tag-team of high-effort forwards Andrew Arnold and Jason Covington were asked to do even more of the dirty work inside. While this slowed the Bulldogs' pace some, each performed their responsibility well. Arnold again showed a nice passing ability while in the paint, and scored on put backs and clean ups around the rim.
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 Wednesday, Mar 29 
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